Our Story

It all began 4 years ago when Maggie made a little coat from her niece's shrunken woollen dress. It was intended only as a one-off gift for her new baby daughter but everyone who saw it loved it and wondered where they could get one. And so, Lambsie was born.

We believe in giving back, so a large amount of the woollen items we use to make the Lambsies are bought from charity shops. We only purchase top quality garments, so as well as using perfect pieces for you, we are also spending our money in charity shops, helping to support to local communities. 

We love to up-cycle items and turn them from their original state into new products. And not only are we kind to the environment but we're also kind to baby's sensitive skin. Having children ourselves, we know how important it is to dress them in gentle fabrics which is why we line the coats with soft cotton.  

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