Living the Lambsie life.

Right then, here goes my very first blog! I'm jumping in to a totally unknown world in an attemp to spread a little Lambsie love and gain some interst in our new buiness. Word of mouth is a fabulous tool and its helped raise us to a great place so far. We're encouraged to go further after receiving such positive feedback from everyone we've come across, be it friends and family, or friendly strangers who are excited about our venture.

We recently held a stall at a local festival and now have an insatiable appetite to attend more. Spending the day with family and talking to people about our passion was such a buzz. My virtual knees are currently deep in applicatins for autumn and winter markets in and around Yorkshire. Maggie will be a busy old bee (sorry about the 'old' bit mum!) in the run up by creating more lovely Lambsies for you lot to buy for your loved ones.

This week Lambsie became part of the wonderful world that is Twitter. Jeez Louise, that was an eye-opener! Within a matter of minutes, we'd been followed and retweeted and I was reeling at the response. Slightly apprehensive about etiquet, I tweeted away and am starting to get a good thing going.

My baby boy, Theodore, turns 1 in a week (#howthehelldidthathappen) and received a brand new Lambsie from Grandma. I can't tell you how lovely it is to snuggle him in this cosy cashmere! Thin enough for a cool summer's day (we'e in Blighty afterall!) and perfect for winter walks.

It's back to work for me in the morning, so I'm signing off before I become bleary-eyed and realise I've waffled on way too much! Here's hoping that one day 'back to work' means living the Lambsie life full time!

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