The Great British Sewing Baa

Recently, my sister and I took a week’s annual leave and Mum came down from Cumbria to stay. Shortly after we formed Lambsie, Amy and I decided it would be a good idea if we learnt to sew, in order to help Mum in the production department if demand for our baby coats grew. So, that’s what we did last week.

Mum was a fine teacher! She’d devised a daily schedule of what skills we needed to learn in order to produce a Lambsie by the end of the week. She’d planned it down to what time we’d break for lunch and what we’d be eating. On Wednesday, we celebrated 50 years of fish fingers by having fish finger sandwiches. The clotted cream, jam and scones went down well too. Mmmm. I digress….

Before arriving, Mum had invested in new sewing machines for us both. We were positively twitchy at the idea of owning our very first machines and super keen to get stitching. And a little bit daunted too!

We started with making hats. Fiddly little things! Seeing each stage come together was great and finishing off with fixing a fluffy pom pom on top was fab. In 2 days, we’d learnt how to use our machines and had created sellable hats – go us!

Next came the Lambsie coats. I’d already picked out one of my husband’s old cashmere jumpers to use and teamed it with a cool foxy-print lining. I was so excited at the prospect of seeing Theo in his new threads, made by my very own hands, so we cracked on with the plan and got cutting out the patterns. Amy was making a girly garment for her friend’s baby, as her ‘babies’ are now too big to fit in our size range.

I’d imagined it almost impossible that I could create a professional standard coat but that’s exactly what happened. Mum thinks is says nothing for skills as she’s being sewing for 50 years and here we are creating perfect pieces after just 5 days, but I think it says more about just how good a teacher she is!

Seeing the finished masterpiece (instead of the imagined disasterpiece!) on Theo was so satisfying. He looked utterly adorable and I was awash with pride. I think now perhaps he’ll have a different one for every day of the week. If only I had every week off work to spend hanging out at our family sewing bee…….

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