A Crafty Crimbo

Well hello again, it's been a while! We've been bloomin' busy here at Lambsie HQ, as I'm sure the rest of you have. By the end of Tuesday 5th, I was so over saying 'Happy New Year' - I was already well and truely back into the swing of normal life and sadly the festivites seemed a lifetime ago already.

To bring back a bit of excitement, I've taken to the laptop again to say hello to you all and relieve some of the adventures we embarked on in the run up to crimbo. Truth be told, I've missed the old blog and I'm happy to be back.

So Crafty Fox happened. That was fun! We headed darn sarf and held a stall at the Dogstar in Brixton (www.carftyfoxmarkets.co.uk). It was bustling with trendy spenders and we all but sold out - although I think having hot cider available was our highlight!

We must have seen in to the future as we'd been making a bundle of baby bobble hats and then all of a sudden, the bobble hat became the garment of the moment. We had prime spot at the market and as soon as people saw our cashmere cosies, they snapped them up leaving us with no stock left to show off after lunchtime.

I have to give a shout out to i-zettle too. That clever little (and FREE) card machine enabled us to make quick and safe transactions for shoppers, allowing them to keep hold of their cash for other opportunities and give us a record of all our sales, whilst emailing the customers their receipts. Total genius!

One of the other reasons for our success on market day was down to our new product. Crafting seems to be bang on trend right now, so we thought we'd create DIY kits to give the opportunity for people can make their own Lambsies. They'll be aother blog soon all about the kits so keep tuned kids......

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